Appearing in the media is an important, cost- effective way to spread your company’s message and to build your brand across multiple platforms.

First impressions make a lasting impact, and how you appear in the media dramatically influences how people perceive you, your company or your product. 

Catherine Clark Communications will work with you to review the ABC’s of media relations.  In one simple, collaborative training session, we will review and tailor the key points you want to make to a media audience, practice delivering those key points in a formal interview-style setting, and critique the results together to help you assess style and technique, and identify areas for improvement.  Catherine will ensure that you leave the session confident about your ability to deliver a message that is clear, concise and constructive.

Catherine has worked with clients in a variety of fields on media training, such as:

Office of the Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner
Office of the Information Commissioner
Queensway Carleton Hospital